Month: April 2016

by Pick Plugins on April 13, 2016

Review: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – 2016

In web design stunningly crafted responsive sliders play a vital role to make content engaging and lucrative. Even it can highly enhance site’s interactivity and grab visitors attention in not times. Basically, sliders are placed on the homepage at the above the fold. Do you know why above the fold is chosen for slider placenment? […]

by Pick Plugins on April 12, 2016

Review: UberMenu – Responsive MegaMenu WordPress Plugin -2016

Website menu is the essential part of a website, it not only navigates the visitors to the internally located deeper contents but also allows search engines to crawl the hidden contents in the quickest possible time. On the other hand, nowadays websites are not confined to the a couple of pages; it includes plenty of […]

by Pick Plugins on April 12, 2016

Trusted Place To Find The Best WordPress Deals And Coupons Quickly

Everyone loves to have best deals and coupon while purchasing anything from the market. It makes the buyer’s mind and wallet happy. The same happens when it comes to buying WordPress themes or plugins, both WordPress developers or site owners constantly look to and fro to find the best WordPress deals and coupons before placing […]

by Pick Plugins on April 10, 2016

5+ Easiest Ways to Improve Your WordPress Site’s SEO

Everyone want a strong position on the search engine result page (SERP), but not everyone can manage to get on the pinnacle easily. If you want high search ranking, you can organize SEO strategy with the latest SEO best practices and avoid bad habits of implementing BlackHat SEO, I believe you can get strong search […]

by Pick Plugins on April 10, 2016

17 Best Free WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Tips For Beginners – 2016

When entrepreneurs run an online business, they try to customize the site look and a couple of functionality continually. Do you know the reason behind? It because to boost site engagement, conversion, and revenue as well. Throughout my entire career, I’ve noticed a significant change in site engagement just after changing a copy and text […]

by Pick Plugins on April 7, 2016

5+ Trusted Marketplace to Buy Premium WordPress Plugins

When you possess a WordPress website, you will need a variety of WordPress plugin to run your personal or professional website fruitfully. Such kind of necessities arises for various kind of purposes. It can be for running a successful marketing campaign, boosting conversion and sales, and make a website user and search engine friendly. Developing […]

by Pick Plugins on April 6, 2016

10 Responsive Best Small Business WordPress Themes To Run You Startup Cost Cost-effectively – 2016

When you came to take a decision to run a small business online, you may face numerous challenges. Do you know why? It’s because entrepreneurs don’t always have proper technical knowledge regarding essential features of business WordPress website. For this reason, while developing their site template, they can’t perfectly negotiate with WordPress theme developers. In […]