Month: June 2016

by Pick Plugins on June 24, 2016

10 Must Have Features of WordPress Classifieds Plugin You Should Check Before Download

Nowadays, people try to save their times a lot. They don’t want to spend their productive hours doing unproductive things. You might be thinking what are unproductive works, right? When you head to the classifieds website like Craigslist, you find numerous categories for housing, jobs, services, community and more. It means from the single website […]

by Pick Plugins on June 23, 2016

7+ Elements Of An Effective Career / Job Board Site – 2016

Recruiting appropriate person for an outstanding post is always challenging. I found various renowned companies for such issue. The same happens for the talented employees. They found it difficult to get deserved position in the right company. To remove such gap between the talented individuals and talent seekers various job/career sites come in action. They […]

by Pick Plugins on June 22, 2016

10+ Free Email Marketing Websites and Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Sending newsletters is the regular functions of almost every website. It helps site owner to notify their subscribers or customers about anything important and promotional news. Now the question is how you send emails to interact with people. If you’re still accustomed to abusing BCC field of Gmail or Outlook, you are spending your strength […]

by Pick Plugins on June 21, 2016

7 Best Resume Builder Plugins for WordPress

As I’ve been in the industry for a couple of years, got a bunch of opportunity interview developers for diverging posts. I found the maximum of interviewees makes the same mistake, do you know what is that? They can’t impress interviewers at the first glance. Even some of them don’t pay heed to make their […]

by Pick Plugins on June 20, 2016

15 Best Travel/Touring/Booking WordPress Themes

Travelling is full of fun and bundle of precious movements which remind about your adventurous life. To tie these priceless time in the frame of the internet, people post them in their blog sharing the adventure picture and story. Whereas, as the web has evolved a lot, consequently, travel companies has come forward to breathing […]

by Pick Plugins on June 20, 2016

15+ Responsive WordPress App Landing Page Themes – 2016

As the app market is competitive, I found many of creative app developers get frustrated when they don’t get proper download and purchase. Do you know why such happens? It’s because the biggest app marketplaces promote the most downloaded or famous apps on and on. Even I’ve seen a dedicated featured app section in most […]

by Pick Plugins on June 20, 2016

20 Free Business HTML5 Bootstrap Themes For WordPress Developers

A proverb goes “Time and Tide Wait for None.” Noways, professional WordPress developers work hard to save their valuable times. They seldom spend hours to create websites from scratch. Simply, they find free HTML5 Bootstrap themes from the popular sources. Subsequently, they make the templates dynamic according to WordPress coding standards. There are plenty of […]

by Pick Plugins on June 5, 2016

7 Best wordpress Mega Menu Plugins For Trendy And Engaging Navigation

One of the key components of WordPress websites is Menu system. It navigates visitors where you want them to go. If you complex site like eCommerce or want your visitors to have a look at your great contents, you have to setup WordPress Mega Menu Plugin on your websites. It is not only considered the […]

by Pick Plugins on June 4, 2016

10 Reasons to Convert Website to WordPress CMS That Your Colleagues Don’t Know

I was an ardent user and developer of Joomla. I would hate WordPress in a sense. Do you know why? Because I blindly like Joomla because of many reasons. If you look back 2006 or 2007, Joomla was the only CMS that provides essential functionalities. As time passes, WordPress has evolved a lot, but comparatively […]