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by Pick Plugins on July 7, 2018

Free Payment Gateway Plugins for WooCommerce

Payment gateway is a web-based system which is prepared for accept Debit and Credit Card. It is widely used in e- commerce and woo commerce. Without it, the transaction process will be much slow and complex. Definitely, to run your business on online you will in need of a good payment method system. There is […]

by Pick Plugins on May 29, 2018

5+ Best Custom Fields Plugin for WordPress

There are thousands of varieties of profession exist in the current world. It’s not possible for WordPress to build website theme or template for them individually. But for profession purpose, you have to keep up to date your website by giving the various type of post, content. But how can u do that? You may […]

by Pick Plugins on May 26, 2018

5+ Free WordPress Donation Plugin

Your Company will provide various kind of free version of Apk, Theme, Plugin, Software etc. It will be a great advertisement for your company indeed. But providing a free version of anything is kinda tough without getting a single percentage of revenue. Cause you need to pay your employees. So some donation from the user […]

by Pick Plugins on May 19, 2018

5+ Free WordPress Maintenance Plugins

Your website may face some problem that you are not planned to face. It may be hacked by someone, maybe WordPress will give several updates that you cant ignore. So ultimately you have to shut down your website. It is called Maintenance break. During this time of the break, when your regular visitors will visit […]

by Pick Plugins on May 10, 2018

5+ Best Product Designer Plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce

You will find a vast amount of products in any woo commerce site. Everyone sells them in many systems. They try to keep the best trending product. But the taste and choice of all customers are not same. Sometimes they are seeking something different. Such as they want a T-shirt, Mug or Phone cover with […]

by Pick Plugins on March 30, 2018

10+ Free Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin

Images or pictures are the most essential aspects behind the load time of your website because they are excellent for explaining things fast and can be utilized as an enhancer of your content as well. On the other hand, having plenty of pictures in your blog can also reduce loading speed of the web page […]

by Pick Plugins on March 25, 2018

5+ Free WordPress Popup Plugin

The perfect way of making a successful website or blog is to have all your visitors doing diverse acts on your platform and make them your regular visitors. It is not only because of the services or products you offer why they keep on revisiting your website. Aside from having the best services and high […]

by Pick Plugins on March 18, 2018

5+ Free Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

  Launched in 2005 by Google, Google Analytic offers a remarkable service. This is to know your audience, trace the path of your customers and know what they are up to. From the time Google Analytic was introduced by Google, it has grown exponentially, offering new and ideal ways of monitoring and of displaying you […]

by Pick Plugins on March 12, 2018

5+ Best Free WordPress Slider Plugin

A lot of beginners in WordPress get overwhelmed due to the huge numbers of wordpress slider plugin available. To help you narrow down your options, here is the review of the best wordpress slider plugin free to use.   Responsive Slider – Image Slider – Slideshow for WordPress Made by Huge- IT, one of the […]