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by Pick Plugins on January 7, 2016

10+ Free WordPress Comments Plugin

You turned your awesome ideas into contents, curated your writing, chose the appropriate words to communicate your potential audience. When you found your writing is not getting comments and appreciation after hitting publish button. I bet, you get frustrated and in some of the cases, many lose their inspiration to generating well-researched contents afterward, right? […]

by Pick Plugins on January 3, 2016

10 WordPress Advertising Plugins To Make Your Ads Incredibly Effective In 2016

The online advertising industry is one the rise. To earn maximum return from the WordPress blogging, business and corporate platforms, website owners are found to look for the best WordPress advertising plugin to display glamorous text, images, and videos, which constantly try to catch visitors attention and allure them to land their clicks on and […]

by Pick Plugins on December 30, 2015

8 Yummy Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins to Create Mouth-Watering Food Plating

Suppose someone calls you inviting for dinner in your favorite dishes, it’s your brain spontaneously creating heaps of images sketching delicious, spicy, crispy dishes plating on the table and you are devouring them with an ultimate fun, right? If you find no similarities in food presentation as should be and get frustrated after testing them, […]

by Pick Plugins on December 29, 2015

7+ Best Poll/Survey/Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Have you ever noticed many of business and corporate websites ask to answer their service specific questions? I bet, you faced numerous time as pop-ups, flyers, and opt-ins entice you to answer simple questions and reward you something awesome. Have you ever think why they run such survey campaigns? It’s because collect to relevant data […]

by Pick Plugins on December 23, 2015

20 mind blowing free WordPress blog Themes For Business, Agency, Affiliate Marketing, Personal, Fashion, Photoblogging And More – 2015

Looking for free WordPress blog themes to select the best match to kick-start your blogging career right way? Before to flip you through the free blog themes, I would like to welcome you to the community and introduce myself first. I’ve been writing since 2012 and I found my first blog WordPress theme reading such […]

by Pick Plugins on December 23, 2015

7 WordPress Portfolio Plugins To Save Your Valuable Hours Without Coding

Do you still spend hours writing a thousand lines of code to create a single portfolio gallery for your clients? If your answer is yes, your are going be lagged behind in the job market in the days to come. Because technologies evolved far away since you started coding for WordPress. Today, many of powerful […]

by Pick Plugins on December 22, 2015

5+ Best Plugins for Creating Events for WordPress

When you come with an intention to arrange events for conference, seminar, concert, webinar, fundraising, party, social gathering, or meetup, the simplest and easiest way to engage targeted attendees is to create an amazing and fantastic event website. Because an event website includes all essential features to present event motive to the targeted audience seamlessly. […]

by Pick Plugins on December 22, 2015

5 Best Money Making WordPress Coupon plugins To Be Affluent While Sleeping

Do you know why people wait for making purchases on shopping holidays or social festivals like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and others? The answer is simple – To buy unlimited long-cherished products paying up to 90% low price than the regular sale. But there are some of crying need doesn’t let people […]

by Pick Plugins on December 11, 2015

5 Amazing Free WordPress Website Builder Plugins You Might Never Know In 2015

Today’s web industry is on the rise, unmaking new inventions every day, To be a standout in the exploration crowd, WordPress enthusiasts come with awesome WordPress website builder plugins from time to time. Every page builder has its of own flagship feature that ensures their separate and unique standing in the popularity list. There’re a […]