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by Pick Plugins on July 24, 2018

5+ Free WordPress Sports Plugin

WordPress is an amazing platform for make any sports team supply and fantastically customizable, the platform is also user-friendly to be understood and control.loads of  WordPress themes allow you to trade your website design within some moments. No wonder the platform is jogging 25% of the internet (yes, 1 / 4 of the internet […]

by Pick Plugins on July 24, 2018

Best GDPR Plugin WordPress

The word GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This kind of law officially imposed on may 25th 2018. As the cyber law is improving day by day so your site needs to be updated in time with all kinds of law. A gender plugin will help your site to prove that it is gdrp […]

by Pick Plugins on July 7, 2018

5+ Free WordPress SSL Plugins

The word SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. Its an ideal security process to link up a relation between a browser and a web server. This thing confirms that all data bypass between a client and a server remains safe and secure. This is the ultimate savior of the hacker and data of illegal trafficking. […]

by Pick Plugins on July 7, 2018

Free Payment Gateway Plugins for WooCommerce

Payment gateway is a web-based system which is prepared for accept Debit and Credit Card. It is widely used in e- commerce and woo commerce. Without it, the transaction process will be much slow and complex. Definitely, to run your business on online you will in need of a good payment method system. There is […]

by Pick Plugins on May 10, 2018

5+ Best Product Designer Plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce

You will find a vast amount of products in any woo commerce site. Everyone sells them in many systems. They try to keep the best trending product. But the taste and choice of all customers are not same. Sometimes they are seeking something different. Such as they want a T-shirt, Mug or Phone cover with […]

by Pick Plugins on February 28, 2018

5+ Free Mailchimp WordPress Plugin

Being in a very competitive world of business online means you need every help you can get in terms of marketing. One of the most effective means of online marketing is email marketing. You need a mailchimp plugin to better build your own email list and find ways on how you can increase that on […]

by Pick Plugins on February 24, 2018

5+ Free WordPress Related Posts Plugin

When your audience starts consuming more of your content, you can expect them to become loyal followers of your work soon. When that happens, they are likely to share more of your articles and content on social media platforms. It also means they are likely to come back to your site regularly for more of […]

by Pick Plugins on February 15, 2018

5+ Free WordPress Project Management Plugin

WordPress has many plugins you can use for your website to effectively handle all your project requirements. In its repository, you will find amazing number of project management plugin options available free and paid. These project management plugins allow you to simplify the task of managing all your work in definitely easy and quick way. […]

by Pick Plugins on February 8, 2018

5+ Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Are you looking for the best WordPress Live Chat Plugin to add to your website? This blog talks about what you are looking for. As you know, WordPress has possibly countless plugins you can incorporate into your website. Live Chat Plugins is only one of the different plugins available to add into your WordPress site. […]