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by Pick Plugins on December 5, 2017

5+ Free WordPress SMTP Plugin

Sending and receiving email from your WordPress site can be a challenge sometimes. Once an email doesn’t hit its right destination, it could bring a pain and headache to the WordPress user. Addressing and solving this problem takes great resources and ample time. Luckily, there is a simple solution for all these email woes and […]

by Pick Plugins on November 30, 2017

5+ Free WordPress Form Plugin

The contact form may seem like a simple page to your website. However, it is an essential element that compels you to choose right. If you are new in WorldPress form plugins, the choice can seem a bit overwhelming. There are just so many choices available. But, if you want to spike your contact form […]

by Pick Plugins on November 25, 2017

5+ Free WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin for WordPress

Have you been looking for the best ecommerce solution to help build your online store? Here is good news for you. In this article, you will find some of the best free WooCommerce multi vendor plugins designed for the purpose of helping you build the best online marketplace. After the success of online stores like […]

by Pick Plugins on November 20, 2017

5+ Free Post Grid Plugins for WordPress

Over 30% of all web traffic comes from mobile gadgets. This is an important statistic that you must bear in mind especially if you have a great interest in creating a website. The use of WordPress grid plugins contributes to a successful and responsive design. Using the right post grid plugin, you can be sure […]

by Pick Plugins on November 15, 2017

5+ Free WordPress Google Maps Plugin

It cannot be denied that technology is really a significant part in the daily living of the people all over the world. With the continuous innovation of technology, things get easier and faster. In connection to this, among the most sought-after technology innovations today is the WordPress Google Maps Plugin. With this, you can now […]

by Pick Plugins on November 10, 2017

8+ Free WordPress Backup Plugin

Losing data most of your data on your website is such a nightmare. No one would want to let all of these things to happen to them. However, if these things happen, there are many reasons behind this. But, if you properly backup all your files, you can easily restore them and return them back […]

by Pick Plugins on November 5, 2017

5+ Free WordPress Cache Plugin

If you are running a website, it best for you to apply WordPress cache plugin. This is because it can solve your issues with regards to the speed of your site when loading for your visitors. Letting your website to load slowly serves to be a downside for you where you can actually lose your […]

by Pick Plugins on October 25, 2017

5+ Free WordPress Membership Plugin

A membership plugin is a well-documented and user-friendly. These plugins will enable you to protect your contents such as courses, eBooks, videos, and tutorials. It also lets you select and protect all your articles, pages and posts by simply creating membership access from free, silver, gold etc. and this will protect the contents on your […]

by Pick Plugins on October 20, 2017

5+ Free WordPress Newsletter Plugin

WordPress is a platform that is being used today especially by bloggers and startup businesses. This is being used by millions because it is not only open source but it is also free which makes it an ideal platform to create a website and even perform internet hosting. WordPress has been a good help for […]