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20 Free Business HTML5 Bootstrap Themes For WordPress Developers

A proverb goes “Time and Tide Wait for None.” Noways, professional WordPress developers work hard to save their valuable times. They seldom spend hours to create websites from scratch. Simply, they find free HTML5 Bootstrap themes from the popular sources. Subsequently, they make the templates dynamic according to WordPress coding standards. There are plenty of […]

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17 Best Free WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Tips For Beginners – 2016

When entrepreneurs run an online business, they try to customize the site look and a couple of functionality continually. Do you know the reason behind? It because to boost site engagement, conversion, and revenue as well. Throughout my entire career, I’ve noticed a significant change in site engagement just after changing a copy and text […]

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How to Secure Your WordPress website From Unexpected Hacking Within Simple Steps

Do you know how many websites are hacked every day? It’s more than 30k according to Forbes. Such an unexpected hacking is dreadful keeps site owners and webmasters awake throughout the night. Especially, the situation becomes acuter when you run websites for eCommerce, law firm, accounting firm, medical, bank and so on. Thinking why? It’s […]

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