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5+ Free WordPress Membership Plugin

A membership plugin is a well-documented and user-friendly. These plugins will enable you to protect your contents such as courses, eBooks, videos, and tutorials. It also lets you select and protect all your articles, pages and posts by simply creating membership access from free, silver, gold etc. and this will protect the contents on your sites like blogs, posts, and pages.

There are many premium and free Membership plugin which you can use to access a specific page, post, and media by its default. Below is the list of the Best WordPress Membership Plugin. All you have to do is to install the WordPress membership plugin and with just a few minutes, your membership site is good to go.

WP-Members: Membership Framework

This is an original plugin for WordPress. This is perfect for newsletter, clubs or associations, content sites and much more. The plugins limit WordPress content to register to the site. You don’t need to modify your themes with this kind of plugin. This is a great and amazing tool for sites that offer a premium content to its subscribers and has the ability to adapt to a variety of applications.

WP-Members is a simple to configure and install but it is scalable. This plugin allows all the content to open and can be viewed by anyone. This also allows the owner of the site to restrict several contents of the site and he can opt to put a password for the post.

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Membership Pro is a best for WordPress Membership Management. It also provides restricted access to members of the content. These contents include posts, pages, videos, categories, support, and downloads.

This membership plugin is flexible enough that will best fit the needs of all offline and online businesses. It will be easier for the developers to customize that will best fit their needs. This plugin is available for free in the WordPress. This also comes with a full version is offers no restrictions and there will be additional licenses being required. If you want a flexible Membership plugin, this can works with any theme that you want.

S2Member Framework 

S2Member Framework makes it possible for you to protect your posts, tags, categories and posts and even some portions of your content. This can easily protect some downloadable files and video. You can also store files locally and then integrate with Amazon S3 using your S2Members.

This WordPress Membership Plugin is powered by shortcodes of the WordPress which makes quick and easy for complex integrations. It is also possible for you to sell some pages or posts, file downloads and other custom capabilities that highly provide access to a specific portion of the content. This membership is worth for an investment and will put back the money in your pocket.

Simple Membership

If you are looking a flexible, easy-to-use and a well-supported plugin, Simple Membership could be your perfect choice. It offers you a free and premium content from any WordPress site. This will also let you protect all your posts and pages therefore only your members can view and protect your content. Simple Membership also provides you with unlimited membership access in any levels.

When it comes to the editing of your posts or page, you can select or opt to protect pages or posts for all your members. For those non-members, they will be prompted to login and become a member. You are secure that you have a protected page and only your members will view your content.

Membership 2

Better, faster, stronger and harder.

These are the words that best describes Membership 2. This Membership plugin just got even better. Meet this Membership plugin that will completely help you create a faster and more intuitive membership system.

You can transform your WordPress into a functional membership site. This will also provide you with the opportunity to have the access to downloads, videos, forums, support and much more. Membership 2 also includes automated recurring payments that will help you focus on providing value and at the same time you are gaining income from all your members.

Restrict Content

Restrict Content is a WordPress Membership Plugin which is used exclusively for its registered users only. This is a simple plugin that allows you to easily complete the posts or pages for all the logged in users only. For example, you can only restrict the content to only the Editors, Contributors, Subscribers and Authors.

This is an expert Membership plugin that can restrict contents with the use of the shortcodes. This also includes forms for login, user registration, and password reset. Therefore, your members can do all of these actions in the front end of your site without going to the wp-admin. This plugin also has a Pro Version which provides additional features.

Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

This membership plugin offers a complete membership solution and also allows you to accept payments, create a subscription and manage members and restrict the access to a premium content.

This plugin is integrated with WooCommerce that allows viewing of the product and also offer a discounted product to members only. One of the best features of this plugin is its ability to restrict contents and you’ll find it simple to restrict all the pages, posts, and other custom posts.

Restrict User Access

You can use this plugin to easily set up a membership site and let your users get different levels like Silver, Gold, and Bronze. Then, you can also restrict the access to whatever access you would like.

Restrict User Access conditionally restrict the access to your pages, posts, categories and any other content that you like. This will also allow you to combine conditions which means it will be easier for you to restrict a certain content from your WordPress site. Moreover, this plugin also comes with one of the most popular WordPress Plugins.


Ultimate Member

This Membership Plugin is by far the number one membership and profile plugin for WordPress. This makes it easy to users to sign up and become a member the site that you own. This will also allow you to add user profiles and is a perfect one especially if you want to create membership sites and online communities.

Ultimate Member will allow you to make your site whatever type you want. This will also provide you with the opportunity let users join and become a member with ease and comfort.

The above lists are your top and most popular Membership Plugins for WordPress. These are your top choices if you are looking for a Membership Plugin.

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