Client Side Demo Plugin

This is the sample plugin that works with “License Manager” on the client side. please download and install from link bellow.

license manager clients

This plugin will check license status after a period (you defined) and update license status on client site.

Please change the value

LICENSE_MANAGER_SERVER_URL under _define_constants  method on file license-manager-clients.php

$this->define('LICENSE_MANAGER_SERVER_URL', '' ); // put the server URL where you install 'License Manager' plugin

The link where you installed “License Manager” plugin.

Also you will need to change the period (default is minute) to something else, ex: weekly, hourly, daily, twicedaily under activation method.

wp_schedule_event(time(), 'minute', 'license_manager_cron_license_check');

you can also add your custom interval of periods under scheduled_interval method.