How to create team

First you need to create team members from post type “Team Member” by clicking “Add Team Member”

Use title as team members name, content as team members bio or description and featured image as member image.

In section “Team Member Options” you will see some member profile field. some default profile fields are

  • Member Position
  • Member Website url
  • Member email
  • Member Skype
  • Custom link

And dynamic input fields are

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • googleplu
  • pinterest

You can add more profile input field via Settings page under “Team” menu on your dashboard

Also you can add group(categories) to members, these group will use in short-code generator.


To display Team grid on Page you need to generate short-codes first. click New Team you will see “Team Options” area, choose option as your needs and copy short-code from Short-code area. you can use this short-code in page content or for php file you can use php code.