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Job Board Manager

Creating job for WordPress made easy by “Job Board Manager” plugin. super lightweight plugin allows you to create job manager site employer can submit job and employee can apply for job.

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Job Board Manager is super easy plugin for creating job site in WordPress with few clicks within few minutes. Almost no coding need to run a job site. This plugin is based on shortcode to display job archive page, job submit page, account page. it has some ready add-on to speed up your development with lowest cost.


Plugin Features

  • Extensible settings by filter hook.
  • Ready add-ons(Free & Premium).
  • latest job list(archive) display anywhere via short-codes.
  • Display job list by filtering meta query.
  • Single job page via short-codes.
  • Notification email for job submit, published  with customizable email templates.
  • Extensible supported job meta(fields) input by filter hook.
  • Front-End job submission form via short-codes.
  • reCAPTCHA for job submission form.
  • Data validation for job submission form.
  • Job Type Background Color.
  • Job list for employer.
  • Add your own job type by filter hook.
  • Add your own salary type by filter hook.
  • Many more....

Add-ons included

  • Company Profile (paid)

    • Awesome company profile single page via short-codes & published job list from company at bottom.
    • Company followers functionality.
    • Ajax list of company list on job submission page & data automatically fill form company saved data.
    • List of company with pagination support & open job list.
    • Create your own themes for company single page & company list.
  • Locations (paid)

    • Awesome location single page via short-codes & published job list from location at bottom.
    • Job count by location grid by short-codes.
    • Ajax list of location list on job submission page.
    • Display Content from Wikipedia for empty content of location descriptions.
    • Google dynamic or static map on location single page header.
    • Create your won theme for single location & location job count grid.
  • WooCommerce Paid Listing (paid)
    • Take payment from job publisher by using WooCommerce.
    • Easy job listing package & pricing create via WooCommerce variable product.
    • Custom job status after payment completed.
    • Job listing package display after successfully submitted job via job submission form.
    • All successful payment listed under paid_list post types.
  • Job List Ads (paid)
    • Display custom html/scripts/publisher network ads (Like google AdSense‎) after multiple nth element of job list.
    • Custom multiple position for ads on list of jobs.
    • Earn extra money by displaying your popular ads networks ads.
  • Search & Filter (paid)
    • Display anywhere via short-codes.
    • Search by keywords.
    • Search by Companies.
    • Search by Locations.
    • Search by Salary Type & Salary Range.
    • Search by Job Status.
    • Search by Job Type.
    • Search by Job Level.
  • Application Manager (paid)
    • Application list for employer by job selection display via short-codes.
    • Submitted application list for applicant display via short-codes.
    • Resume selection on submit application(resume create by 3rd party plugin).
    • Notification email on submit application.
  • Saved Jobs
    • Bookmark jobs for logged in users.
  • Stats
    • Stats for single job total application submitted, bookmarked, total view count.
  • Job Feed
    • Display jobs by followed companies, like social feed, once you follow any company job published
  • Report Job
    • add functionality to report/flag/moderate  a job with a button and popup window.

Clients Testimonials

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I use the Premium Version of his Tool. You can customize the output perfectly. Forget any other Woocommerce Product Slider. This tool rocks. Thanks to Nur Hasan - great job.
PickPlugins Testimonial
Great job! This plugin works perfect! Thank you.
PickPlugins Testimonial
I had a problem with a missing 'offset' variable. It took Hasan a couple of hours to make an update to the plugin. I am very happy with the plugin and the service.
PickPlugins Testimonial
Great plug that fits our needs. Simple but the style is very customizable via css. Great support too.
PickPlugins Testimonial

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Ready Addons

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Display related jobs under single job page.
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"Job Board Manager - Report Job" allows add functionality to report/flag/moderate  a job with a button and popup window. reported...
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Display jobs by followed companies, like social feed, once you follow any company job published from these company will display...
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"Job Board Manager - Search" allows user to search & filter job by keyword, different meta input ex: Companies, Locations,...
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