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Post Grid


Create beautiful post grid for any custom post type & page and display anywhere via shortcode. post grid can display on archive pages dynamically on categories, tags, custom taxonomy & terms pages, author, search, date and etc. post grid has pre-made layout allows you to create unique grid instantly. easy to build and settings page for shortcode generate.

Post Grid Plugin Features

  1. Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  2. Unlimited grid anywhere.
  3. Use via short-codes.
  4. Grid custom number post per page.
  5. Grid items custom width.
  6. Grid items custom width for desktop, tablet , mobile device.
  7. Grid items thumbnail custom height.
  8. Display/hide pagination.
  9. Skin & layout Based grid Design.
  10. Custom background color or image for grid area.
  11. Grid items thumbnail size selection.
  12. Custom excerpt count length.
  13. Post query order(ASC/DESC).
  14. Query from any post type.
  15. Query from multiple post type.
  16. Pro Query post by taxonomy(multiple) & terms(multiple).
  17. Pro WooCommerce Ready.
  18. Pro Display Meta Fields.
  19. Pro Display Short-code via Meta Fields.
  20. Pro Display YouTube, vimeo video, dailymotion , soundcloud, mp3, gallery, Font Awesome icons on thumbnail area.
  21. Pro Filterable Grid by custom taxonomy & terms.
  22. Pro 29+ ready skin.
  23. Pro Ajax load more.
  24. Pro Extend grid skin by filter hook.
  25. Pro Extend grid layout by filter hook. create your own theme in a minute.
  26. Pro exclude by post id’s.
  27. Pro Max number of pagination.
  28. Pro Pagination custom Next , Previous text.
  29. Pro Extra query parameter.
  30. Pro Lazy load on loading grid.
  31. Pro Post grid for Archive page(category.php, tags.php , custom taxonomy & terms page).
  32. Pro Custom wrapper (HTML) for meta values display.
  33. Pro Create unlimited layout via layout editor.
  34. Pro Add custom HTML(Short-codes) via layout editor.
  35. Pro Display dynamically on search page.
  36. Pro Post Carousel Slider.

Post Query Features

  1. Select any post type, single or multiple.
  2. Select categories or tags, single or multiple.
  3. Select custom taxonomy & terms, single or multiple.
  4. Terms relation IN, NOT IN, AND, EXISTS, NOT EXISTS.
  5. Taxonomy relation OR, AND.
  6. Select post status, single or multiple.
  7. Custom number of posts per page.
  8. Custom number of Offset.
  9. Exclude by post ids.
  10. Post query order Descending or Ascending.
  11. Post query order by. ID, Author, Title, Name, Type, Date, post_date, Modified, Parent, Random, Comment Count, Menu order, Meta Value, Meta Value(number), post__in, post_name__in
  12. Custom Meta query and Meta query relation.
  13. Date parameters, Extact date, Between two date.
  14. Author parameters Include authors, Exclude authors.
  15. Password parameters, Display only password protected posts, Posts with the particular password.
  16. Search parameter.
  17. Permission Parameters.


Grid Type

  1. Grid
  2. Pro Filterable
  3. Pro Carousel slider

Filterable Features

  1. Build with mixitup.js
  2. Filterable menu style, Inline, Dropdown.
  3. Custom active filter.
  4. Font color, background color, Active/hover background color for menu items.
  5. jQuery pagination.
  6. Custom number of page per item.
  7. Custom Previous, Next text.

Carousel slider Features

  1. Build with Owl Carousel.
  2. Custom column number.
  3. Slider navigation, display or hide.
  4. Navigation Position, Top Left, Top Right, Middle, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.
  5. Navigation style Round, Round border, Semi-Round, Square, Square border, Square shadow.
  6. Slider Dots, display or hide.
  7. Slider Dots style Round, Round border, Semi-Round, Square, Square border, Square shadow.
  8. Slider Dots custom background color.
  9. Slider auto play.
  10. Slide auto play timeout.
  11. Slide auto play Speed.
  12. Slider rewind.
  13. Slider loop.
  14. Slider center.
  15. Slider stop on hover.
  16. Slide Speed.
  17. Pagination Slide Speed.
  18. Slider Touch Drag, Mouse Drag

Support for 3rd Party Plugins

Post Grid also support display data from 3rd party plugin bellow, you can create custom grid for WooCommerce, EDD, WP eCommerce Product display and display post ratting via Rating-Widget, and Query post based on meta query which come form Advanced Custom Fields. you will never feel boring to work with these plugin to Post Grid.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Easy Digital Downloads.
  • WP eCommerce
  • Rating-Widget: Star Review System
  • Advanced Custom Fields(For Meta Query).

Query post from any post type

You can select any custom post type to query post and display on grid, post grid also support multiple post type selection so you can display more than two post type on same grid.

Query post from Taxonomy & Terms

You can query post from post taxonomy and terms(category), it support for one taxonomy and unlimited number of terms, you can also reset taxonomy selection anytime.

Query post by meta query

Post grid support seamlessly query post by meta query, so you can display post by logically from meta fields query. Post Grid support meta fields created by popular plugin "Advanced Custom Fields"
Yes, this plugin should works fine with all themes.
Please see the documentation area for upgrading process.
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