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Pricing Table


Looking for WordPress pricing table plugin days are now over. We represent you the awesome pricing table which is controlled by easy admin panel. It has drag and drops features which makes it more easy to use. No programming skill is needed now!!!! It took the place of best responsive pricing table plugin WordPress amongst many plugins.

This is the responsive pricing table plugin for WordPress you are searching. You can create css3 table as many as you want with unlimited feature rows and unlimited package columns. The columns (packages) and rows (features) can be rearranged via drag and drop sorting. Also, there are verities of colors which will make it more attractive to the visitors. The plugin also includes multiple package ribbons, feature tooltips, link buttons and check/cross icons. The color of the package ribbons and tooltip is customizable, using the Color Picker. You can quickly add features to your different plans, choose a color (as well as many other options) and display your price table anywhere with a simple shortcode.


pricing table plugin – Features

  • Unlimited pricing table anywhere.
  • Unlimited Column & Row.
  • Pro 35+ Different ready themes.
  • Pro 16+ Ready column animation.
  • Pro Slider/carousel view on mobile.
  • Pro Currency Switcher.
  • Display YouTube, vimeo video on each column.
  • Easy to use anywhere via short-codes.
  • Header description text.
  • Price Description text.
  • Display image for each column.
  • Column Header background color.
  • Column Price background color.
  • Column Price background color.
  • Unlimited ribbons.
  • Featured Column.
  • Tool-tip text anywhere.
  • Background Image for table area.
  • Custom column width.
  • Custom Header Font Size.
  • Column header background color.
  • Column price background color.
  • Column signup background color.
  • 40+ ready ribbons.
  • Hover effects.
  • Hide empty rows.

Currency Switcher

You can add multiple currencies to let your user give the right currency to pay.

Column Animation

This pricing table plugin has support animation hover on a column. 15+ ready animations at your service!! you can choose a different animation for each column, gives your user a flash whenever the mouse pointer is on the column. This will give awesome experience and kinda attractive too.

Slider on Mobile

No more trouble while browsing on mobile. Sometimes visitors find it trouble to browse web view on mobile. So, we are presenting you the necessary carousel view for mobile. So it will be fun and comfortable while visitors will visit your site from mobile.

Price background color

In this pricing table plugin, you can select the price background color separately for each column. By adding different color it will seek more attention!!

Header background color

There is an option for setting the separate color in header background which gives the plugin more creativity than other plugins.

Footer background color

Like header, you can change the footer color also. This plugin enables you to customize the header and footer both.

Featured column

This feature is kinda new and can't be found in many responsive pricing table plugins remaining on the web. By using this feature we can focus on a special offer of any price or payment system. By this feature, a visitor can easily notice the offer.

Column width

This plugin enables you to customize the width of column freely. so that you can customize your column of pricing as like you want.

Column video

Make your tables more unique and engaging by adding content types like Video. It will be easy for the visitor to realize the feature more easily by watching the video.

Column ribbons

CSS featured ribbons gives the user a great freedom. Using ribbon on the upper corner of the column is not a common feature that many plugins can offer.

Signup background color

You can add a different color in signup button for the individual column. This feature makes this pricing table plugin more color some than ever!!!!

Column margin

Column margin feature adds a new dimension for customization for this plugin. each column can be modified according to the necessity of a user.

Header description

Not many pricing table plugin WordPress has this feature. Header description can be added to each column. This will make things clear to the visitor about the offer and they can be more certain about their purchase of the offer according to their need. This description feature makes this plugin one of best responsive table plugin in WordPress.
Yes, this plugin should be working all most every themes, this is based on shortcode and pure html & css so you can use it any where via shortcode to display pricing table.
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