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Woocommerce Product Slider


Woocommerce product Slider is the newest and finest addition to the collection of the plugin for Woocommerce. Your website won’t be uncommon if you don’t use this plugin. Because we simply made this plugin all in all. We have so many useful and attractive features. When visitors will visit your site they will be amazed by the sliding of products. it has widget support so you can display on sidebar and footer widget area easily. Its also support display featured marker, sale marker to get visitor attraction.  Pre-made ribbon is available to get more attractive for the slider, you can also add your own custom ribbons.

Plugin Features – Woocommerce Product Slider

  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Unlimited slider anywhere.
  • Query post from latest post, Older Published, Featured Items, by Only Year, by Month of a year.
  • Custom number of slider items to query.
  • Custom number of Slider column number.
  • Custom number of Slider column number for Mobile device.
  • Slider auto play.
  • Slider stop on hover.
  • Slider touch drag.
  • Slider mouse drag.
  • Slider items thumbnail images size selection.
  • Pro Items thumbnail link’s to category or product.
  • Slider items thumbnail custom height.
  • Featured product marker.
  • Ribbons for slider.
  • Background Image for slider area.
  • Items category display/hide.
  • Items featured marker display
  • Items Add to cart button default/custom style.
  • Items Add to cart button Display
  • Add to cart Background Color.
  • Add to cart Text Color.
  • Items title display/hide
  • Items title color.
  • Items title font Size.
  • Items price color.
  • Items price Font Size.
  • Slider pagination background color.
  • Slider Pagination Text Color.
  • Default image for empty thumbnail.
  • Pro Total 29 Different Themes.
  • Custom Slider Column Number in Mobile.
  • Slider Items Title Color.
  • Pro Display from On Sale Product.
  • Pro Display Best seller product.
  • Pro Display top rated product.
  • Pro Display from Product Taxonomy & Categories.
  • Pro Display by Product id.
  • Pro Display by SKU.
  • Pro Display product from Recently viewed.
  • Slider Navigation position middle.
  • Pro Filter hook for slider items.
  • Hide out of stock product
  • Pro  Product slider dynamically on archive pages.
  • Pro  Featured product at first.
  • Pro  Meta query.
  • Pro  Upsells, Cross-sells Product, this only work in single product page.
  • Pro  Quantity field with add to cart button.
  • Pro  Product thumbnail link to external product, or custom meta value

30+ Total Different Ready Themes.

Most of the woocommerce slider is lack of theme variation. We have added 30+ sliding themes . Now you can choose theme with variation and can personalize nicely. This vast collection of theme is the exclusive thing about this plugin.

Filter Slider Content.

You can filter the publication of content  by using this feature. Like this kind of content: Latest Published, Older Published, Featured Product, On Sale Product, Best Selling Product, Top Rated Product, Product Taxonomy & Categories, Product id and etc. This will decorate the site more effectively and will enhance the visitors interest.

20 Ready Ribbons.

Ribbons are very much needed in  any site to mark any exclusive product or offer. We have 20 ready different kind of Ribbons just for your woocomerce site. Also you can add your own choice of ribbon if you want by putting url in setting.

Add your own Color & Font size

Customize your slider by your own color and font size for slider items title, price and add to cart buttons. This feature is a little bit difference than other woocommerce slider.

Meta Query

You can display your product based on meta query. This is an advanced search feature. This is necessary and demandful in any woo commerce slider.
Yes, almost work with every theme,
Yes, almost every page builder support to display shortcode under content or via widget, just like other shortcode you can display via page builders widget anywhere. although we have tested some popular page builder work like a charm.
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