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Hi PickPlugins team, How does one change the style of content text within Accordion containers to normal? It seems that the default style of paragraphs is in bold / heavy, but not in numbered/bulleted lists where it is normal. How can line spacing within paragraphs be increased? Please head over here to have a look at our Accordions: Thanks in advance, Antonio
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Dec 05, 2018

Welcome to our forum.

The accordion content style will override by your post/page content if you use shortcode inside post/page content, Please see this screenshot i don’t see any difference from your page content and accordion content except line height issue.

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although you can apply your own css by adding custom CSS, you can use following css selector

.accordions .accordion-content{}

/* or */
/*  Where 123  is accordion id*/
#accordions-123 .accordion-content{}

Let me know for more help.


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