Accordion won’t collapse

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Adam Aston
Apr 18, 2017 03:33 PM 2 Answers General
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Hi, I just upgraded to pro (as I needed to use shortcode in the accordion) and I can't get the sections to collapse.

See website for the example - all options are expanded, whereas they should be hidden until someone selects one.

Clicking on them does not have any effect.

  • Collapsible is set to True
  • Keep Expanded Others is set to No
  • Activate Event is Click
  • Theme is 'X'
  • Shortcode in the accordion is calling contents from the TablePress plugin

Any idea what I can do to get the accordion to function correctly?








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Adam Aston
Apr 22, 2017

I managed to correct this – looks like there might have been some issue with the move from the unpaid to pro version.

I set Collapsible to False, saved, then set it back to True and resaved – this seems to have forced it to recognise the correct setting.

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Apr 18, 2017

Welcome to our forum.

Have you fixed the issue? i have checked your page accordion is working fine here.

The issue is happening cause of jquery error on your page or any cache plugin activated, try debug your page for jQuery error or deactivate cache plugin.


Let me know for more help.


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