Accordions stopped working after upgrading to premium

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General Dec 19, 2017 11:48 PM 2 Answers

Hello! After upgrading to premium version, the accordions that I had created before stopped working.  I can edit it, but they don't expand on the website. The premium version does not assume the previous format (background and limits color) and the accordion does not expand.
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Not that it cost much, but there does seem to be a lack of error checking that caused this problem for me. There also seems to be some incompatibility with accordions created prior to upgrading to Pro.

In my case, I would get a White Page or an Error 404 Page Not Found under these situations,

  • If the plugin ID used in shortcode does not exist.
  • If the plugin ID used in shortcode refers to itself.
  • If you use special characters in the accordion header. For instance, [,], and = caused problem.
  • If the accordion was created prior to upgrading to Pro (I fixed this by changing multiple options and editing some text then updating the changes, but didn’t experiment to see if any of those changes in isolation fixed the problem.)


I should say I never got Accordions created in the previous (free) version to completely work properly. In the end, I had to recreate them. A real pain unfortunately.

Thank you for your feedback.
I wasn't expecting to do that, but probably it’s what I’ll have to do…

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Nur Hasan Administrator Dec 19, 2017 11:49 PM

Welcome to our forum.

Can you please clear browser cache or try another browser. this might be temporary, otherwise please debug your page for js error.

If possible please send me your link.


I cleared the browser cache and tried different browsers. If I create new accordions, they work perfectly, but not the ones I had created before upgrading.
Meanwhile I returned to the free version of accordions. You can see examples that I had created before upgrading on
With the premium version these accordions does not expand.
Any suggestion?

Sorry for late reply.
Can you please go edit accordion and just save it once again and check the accordion. let me know the update.


As simple as that: edit and save!
Now it's working.

Thank you!

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