after last update non work my plugin!

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giuseppe spitaleri
Sep 19, 2019 10:04 PM 1 Answers
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after last update not work my plugin!
I also bought the Pro version but it still doesn't work.
Before update
when I opened each individual country all the articles written by category appeared (with your plug in).
Clicking on Ukraine, I saw all 11 articles with POST GRID written about Ukraine but now it is no longer so.
this is the map of Europe

La mia mappa interattiva dell’Europa: foto, video, storia e tanto altro di tutti le nazioni che ho visitato

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Sep 19, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

have you clicked on data update notification at top on your dashboard? Please see the screenshot, after complete the data update, you should see the selected categories from older version.

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Let me know if you have any issue faced on data update, you can still manually choose categories, please see the screenshot

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you should watch this video to learn how latest category selection works.


giuseppe spitaleri
- Sep 19, 2019 11:17 PM
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Post Grid Version: 3.2.16
Tested WP: 5.1
Thanks for using premium version

giuseppe spitaleri
- Sep 19, 2019 11:14 PM
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when I select a category … it doesn't show me anything.
when I don't select any category, it correctly displays all the articles from my blog.
I want to select a category

giuseppe spitaleri
- Sep 19, 2019 11:12 PM
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not work

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