Combining accordions methods? Avoiding frontend bottom space? Conflict with CSS extra code

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Jaime González
Sep 13, 2019 11:11 PM 1 Answers
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After posting a ticket about combining accordions method (; you sent me some extra CSS code to fix my problem. However, this also suppressed the spaces between paragraphs on the accordions content... is there any way to solve this?

I do have one extra question: I'm combining several accordions one after another. After your tip, now they all look good when collapsed. All accordions are set up as "Keep expanded others: No". However, as they are different accordions, the "Keep expanded others: No" function only works individually for each accordion, but not for all at the same time…
Is there any extra CSS code to make the "Keep expanded others: No" function work on all accordions as a whole?

Many Thanks!

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Jaime González
Sep 19, 2019

Sorry, could you please reply to my message?


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