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Hey! I bought the Pro Version of your plugin because I need to use a lot of accordions (nested accordions as well) - I would say around 500. It is possible to create multiple accordions (and get their shortcodes) without having to create each accordion manually in the "Accordions" entry of my wordpress dashboard ? Or to duplicate an accordion multiple times (for example, keeping the same content but having a different ID for each accordion) ? Can you please help ? Thanks!
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Nur Hasan Administrator Oct 18, 2017 09:49 AM

Welcome to our forum.

We haven’t added duplicate feature within our plugin, you can use 3rd party plugin like this one

Let me know for more help.


Thanks for your answer, unfortunately it does not work as I wished … The first error that I discover is that in a post, if a put the same accordion twice on the same post ([accordions_pplugins id="8085"][accordions_pplugins id="8085"]), it won't load the second one ( Anyways, this does not concert my work in this case.

The idea is the following – I have an accordion with around 50 nested accordions, which contains other nested accordions (around 150). So what I would need would be something to copy the content of an accordion and paste into a new accordion (with a new ID but the same content, which I can modify later on). With the 3rd party plugin you gave me I would just duplicate the same post but it would not create new accordions.

Another important aspect, which would ease my work a lot, is to have the possibility to modify the title of the text of a header of the accordion using code or in text somehow, without having to manually expand each header and modify it's text. Do you know if something like this is possible ?

#1. for the same page accordion it will conflict as they have same id, the reason might not work properly. Sorry to say this feature isn't available right now to have same accordion multiple view on same page.

#2. Sorry to say don't understand clearly "With the 3rd party plugin you gave me I would just duplicate the same post but it would not create new accordions." if you duplicate existing accordion it will create another new accordion with having same options, content as it was parent, please make sure you have setup "Duplicate Post" plugin correctly.

#3. thanks for the idea, i could try and add an expand button to expand all section.


Hi, i have updated the plugin for your issue #3, please watch this video how does it works.

Please login here and download latest version

Yes, that's great! Thanks a lot !

Thanks for your reply

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