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dj defenda
Jul 01, 2020 03:36 AM 1 Answers
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I purchased the pro version so that I could display related posts based upon the post title.

When I tried that, it had no effect, ie; Every single post displayed the exact same related posts which had no relation to the post title?!

When I set the related posts manually it works fine.

I am wondering what has gone wrong or what is the purpose of the related post by title function?

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Jul 01, 2020

Welcome to our forum.
Hi, I can help you to display related posts by title, but sorry to say we never adversities this feature anywhere, not sure where you see this feature.

there is filter hook available to query related posts, you can pass custom query arguments( like post title) to query related posts.



dj defenda
- Jul 05, 2020 05:37 AM
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Thanks, When I added that snippet zero related posts were displayed anywhere but when I de-activated the snippet all the related posts appeared again…..

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