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Hi, I'm looking for a simpel accordion plugin for WP that I want to wrap my own styles on. I looked at your free version and basically like it but saw some real basics missing or being wrong in my eyes: - Icon frozen on one side - Some Font applied to styling instead of using font from theme - Active background color can be changed but text can't? I would basically be fine by styling most of the stuff myself but I fear still a lot of default css gets loaded. While trying to get a slim site at the end I thought I'd ask about the possibilities on the Pro version. I'd totally be fine paying for good stuff but looking at the feature list I'm unsure about any of the above points. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Mar 19, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

Glad to see your interest in our plugin,

#1, Icons can display on left or right side,

#2. you can apply your own font family for accordion harder and content that’s loaded on your site,

#3. there is hover color option for the header, yes but not text color for the active state. (i can update the plugin to add this option)

Please see the screenshot of pro version for styling options available

Header style

View post on imgur.com

Content style

View post on imgur.com

Icon style

View post on imgur.com

Let me know your thoughts.



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