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Steffen Rohrer
Feb 19, 2020 10:13 PM 1 Answers
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Hi there,
I write on behalf of the German company Schwaerzler. We are a metal processing company. With a focus on laser parts. We would like to sell these on the Internet. We are currently looking for an online product designer / dxf megacad designer for the customer. I came across your product while searching.

The aim is that customers design or upload their laser part on the site. Get a price quote for it and then order it. For safety reasons, a technician from our company takes another look and goes into production.

From a technical perspective, I would be interested in the implementation of online machining of a workpiece into a DXF plan. It would also be important that restrictions can be set. So a laser needle with a min distance of 3mm can only work. that means there must be no snowline closer than 3mm to the next snowline.

I hope you can present me a solution for our project and look forward to your answer

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Feb 20, 2020

Welcome to our forum.

Thanks for your post, unfortunately, our product designer plugin is not that advance to calculate sizes, its suitable for rough designing like t-shirt, mug. since we long time haven’t worked for this plugin i don’t recommend to use for your project.


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