How to Set Alignment of the Grid?

Bettina Karow
Dec 11, 2019 06:03 PM 1 Answers
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Hi. I would like to change the orientation of the grid. It does not matter what I do for settings, it's always in the middle. I would like to have it aligned, just like the text above. See Images : Best Regards
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Dec 11, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

You probably haven’t tried the layout editor, you can add your own CSS to style elements.

Please see the screenshot

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Let me know for more help.



Bettina Karow
- Dec 11, 2019 06:23 PM
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Thanks for your quick Answer.
Sorry i described my Problem wrong. NOT the TEXT Alignment ist the Problem, the Grid Alignment self is the Problem. The complete Grid has to be more left, in One Line with the Text above… new Pics attached…maybe this describes my Problem better.


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