I CANNOT reply to my: Post Grid Question: How do I put in 3 columns for one web page ONLY

Feb 08, 2019 01:48 AM 1 Answers
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The PickPlugin's guy asked me for a temporary admin log-on to see my account. However, I can't reply to PickPlugins's comment on this forum. The forum is now stating that I need an account to sign into. However, I can't figure out how to creat an account on your website? Too bad it's extremely difficult to find out how to create an account. Also, I don't feel comfortable posting anything about the company on a forum. I'd rather send emails. Or best: A phone call would make things go at light-speed and we could solve most likely with one phone call. See the Forum Question here online: https://www.pickplugins.com/question/how-do-i-put-in-3-columns-for-one-web-page-only-with-only-text-in-each-column-no-pictures/
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Feb 08, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

I am not sure how you replied last 2 comment on that post, you probably used different email address when asked question, when someone asked question without login it will create and account email provided on ask question form.

However at top menu there is account link, you can create account, i am sure which device you are using, can you please tell me are you able to see account link at top menu.

My Account


For the security reason we still not visible site access information on front-end, we will need to go admin to see site access details. that time i forget to check site access details and ask again to send, never mind i have also checked that question site access information isn’t available.

you can send site access info to this mailĀ support@pickplugins.com or submit a private answer here.


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