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I’m having problems with the team slider.General1. the slider arrows keep flipping. How can I fix them so that they look like on the demo?2. How can I adjust the color of the email symbol to my customer´s selected color (green > #009ddf)?3. Does the image size make the container size? 4. Is it possible to put the skills on the pop up rather than the slider? How do I do this?Pop Up1. On desktops, the pop up sits too high (under header. hardly clickable)2. Where do I  adjust the image size so that the pop up looks good? On my slider, the pop ups image looks like a passport image rathe that cool3. with activated pop up, mouse movements move the page underneath and it looks rather unprofessionalMobile1. on mobile the header sits over the pop up.Otherwise the slider looks really nice here!Can you help me solve this?
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    Dec 04, 2018

    Welcome to our forum.

    #1. are you using RTL languages might be cause the issue, otherwise please send me your page URL I will check the issue.

    #2. there is no option to change email color, you will need add custom CSS to do it. let me know if you need help.

    #3. Which image are you talking about? can you please explain more.

    #4. Right now there is not option to display skill on popup, but there is a filter hook for popup html so you can display custom HTML under popup

    Filters – team_grid_filter_popup


    Pop Up #1, you can set custom height or width of popup.

    Please see the option under

    Layout Builder > Pop Up

    View post on

    If you have top space issue conflict with hove menu, you can set custom CSS for popup top margin

    Pop Up #2, Please see under

    Layout Builder > Pop Up

    you can choose different images size for popup.

    Pop Up #3. could not understand the issue clearly.


    Mobile #1

    Just set top margin for the slider, i have mentioned Pop Up #1 so it will slide down from top menu will looks good.

    Let me know for more help.


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