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Dear admin! My problem is in connection with the auto play function. When I open the site, the carousel works fine, but just for a second. One item moves out from the displayed area ("1 slide happens"), but after that, the process stopes. The auto play function doesn't work anymore. When I reload the page, there is 1 slide again and stop again. Can you help me please to solve this problem? (I didn't change anything on the code) Thanks for your time.
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Nur Hasan Administrator Jan 09, 2018 04:42 PM

Welcome to our forum.

Can you please check if you also use any others plugin for carousel slider, try to deactivate others plugin one by one to check the issue.

If you can’t see the solution please send me your slider page url.



First of all, thanks for your answer 🙂
I don't use any other plugins for carousel slider. I have downloaded a few (to see which one is the best), but I have also deactivated and deleted them all.
I am using Ascend theme. It offers me an opportunity to use a built-in carousel slider but I don't use this feature of the theme.
My page url is:
Thanks for your time.

Can you please deactivate js minify feature on your website so i can inspect jquery files.


Sure… I have deactivated the js minify feature.

Thanks for your help, but sorry to say could not find any causes, can you please send me copy of your Ascend zip file, i will check it.


I want to send you a copy of the Ascend zip file, but I can't. Can you give me an email addr. or something?
Thanks for your time 🙂

Please send it to


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