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Hi there, using this plugin for another project (bought another licence). For some reason I am Having an issue with team group buttons not activating. See link (CAST CO-ORDINATOR AND EXTRAS CAST COORDINATORS BUTTONS) Looking forward to your feedback
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Nur Hasan Administrator Oct 26, 2017 09:40 PM

Welcome back,


Please use

Query Member > Post per page. > -1

You need to load all team member for filterable style grid. please see the screenshot


Hello. I did this but I still cannot select these last 2 buttons.

Can you please check these group has at least 1 team member?


Confirmed. 5 members for Cast Coordinator and 2 for EXTRAS CAST COORDINATORS

Can you please see the screenshot

Can you please edit team group and remove empty space from slug. please see the screenshot

Let me know the result.


Fantastic! Solved!

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