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Nov 23, 2019 04:49 PM 1 Answers
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Hi, I'm using several registration forms (Elementor's form) – one is in the footer and another in each post – to invite people to sign up to a mailing list (very simple form that includes only first name and email address). I created a page (named it Verification) and pasted the shortcode per your instructions (the shortcode in only thing on that page). In the plugin settings, I chose that page under "Choose Verification Page"). When testing a registration to my website, I receive no verification email. Can you please advise? Thanks
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Nov 25, 2019

Welcome to our forum.

The custom registration form will not work with user verification plugin if these 3rd party register form not integrated with user_register hook

you should ask their support to update or fix this. Besides this, i would like to test you default user registration form to test is that working for not. please let me know the result if default registration form isn’t working though.


- Nov 29, 2019 02:39 AM
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So, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that your plugin is not compatible with forms created with Elementor Pro?
I've got only one form widget – I recreated a form using that widget, signed in but didn't get any verification email.

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